30 for 30: day 30

I’m sure you’re probably noticed by now that I like the color red.  It’s not necessarily my favorite color; rather, I find I tend to have a ‘color of the moment’. My previous favorites of pink, purple, red and yellow are starting to move towards rose pink and everest green, but for this last month, my color of choice has been red.

Red also makes me think of the Heathers when Heather Chandler always has to have the red polo ball and stick. I love that movie. Have you seen it? Cult classic.  Netflix it or something.

Jacket: Jessica Simpson (gifted)
Dress: H&M-remixed here, here, and here
Blouse: Gap (gifted)-remixed here, and here
Boots: Spring
Tights: American Apparel
Necklace: Aldo
Pearl Earrings: gifted
Rhinestone Bracelet: Forever 21
Pearl Bracelet: Costa Rica (gifted)
Ring: Banana Republic (gifted)


* all photos by Rhys Albrecht


  1. Jess wrote:

    Well put together A.D!!

  2. Tiffany wrote:

    When I thought I couldn't love you more, you busted out Heathers. Canada is too far away.

    I like the "color of the moment" concept- it's not constricting, it doesn't hold you to any long-term commitments, it's just what works for now. This practice would lead to a much more versatile closet than sticking with one color forever. That being said, I do think we all have a power color. Mine is royal blue… yours is DEFINITELY red. I think it's your blonde hair and porcelain skin (Note that I said porcelain, not pale. There's a difference). You know how to WERK IT in red.
    But then, you WERK blue, green, grey and fur too. Pretty sure you could make tar and feathers look good.

    LOOOOVING the pale neutrals, the lace, the boots here. And that coat is the most perfect silhouette ever.

  3. Amy Overland wrote:

    I really like this outfit. You look great. This blog has been fun to read. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kasia wrote:

    Um Kindred, I was wearing red tights today too! Great minds… I LOVE the bracelets. Now that it's the last day of 30 for 30 I'm even more excited to see what tricks you have up your fashionable sleeve.

  5. Nnenna wrote:

    Your lace dress is so lovely! I've seen so many pretty white lace dresses on bloggers that I've decided that I simply must get my own! Also, I love the addition of the red tights =)

  6. Tanvi wrote:

    Such a fab color combination. I am spell bound. Lovely.

  7. alecto wrote:

    ooooo!!! i love the tights! and i love the movie heathers, too, it's so messed up in a way that only the 80's/90's era could have glorified haha.

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