30 for 30 remix: day twenty five

It’s cold guys, really cold (this is why my jacket only came off on one shoulder). However, I think we’re a little spoiled here in Kelowna seeing as how Alberta is experiencing minus 40 degree weather (not sure what that is in Fahrenheit for my lovely American readers) so I will spare you with my complaining. All I can say is that I’m looking forward to spring.

Also, I didn’t pick the warmest pieces for my 30 remix but the leather pants are surprisingly warm.  There have been some lessons learned my friends.

Jacket: Joe Fresh Style (2 years old)
Dress: Forever 21-remixed here
Faux leather pants: H&M
Boots: Spring
Bag: Coach
Rings: Bannana Republic and Forever 21


All photos taken by Rhys Albrecht


  1. lisa wrote:

    i have a friend in calgary who said its currently -19F today! which, no matter how you translate – celcius or fahrenheit….its really f#*!ing cold!!!!! :S glad youre being spared the deep freeze!

  2. lisa bee wrote:

    love the joe fresh jacket! i just got a sparkly shirt from there for $3.94, score. only 5 more days of 30×30, excited to see whats next!

  3. Savannah wrote:

    That last picture is so pretty, you have a great side-profile! your killin' it in the red, and I loooove that ring. wait, I need that ring :)

  4. alana denham wrote:

    haha I need that ring in the real form! It turns my finger green……..but I can't stop wearing it!

  5. Dani wrote:

    Loving the red and the leather! I've been wanting leather pants for ages, and these are perfect! Not too biker chick ;) just right haha.

    P.S. I wore my "buckle" earrings today – check it out! :)

  6. Tiffany wrote:

    I wouldn't have thought leather pants would be versatile (or a fur vest or shearling lined booties either) but you are proving me wrong! Im convinced you can pretty much rock any and all trends. Waaaay impressed with your remixing skills.

  7. Mindy Webb wrote:

    Way to go for braving the cold! You're looking fabulous as ever! Mindy

  8. Kate Maggie wrote:

    Leather pants have never looked so good. I have been looking for some everywhere. Time to make a trip to H&M!

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