30 for 30 remix: day twenty one

Let me tell you a little story about this blazer.

I saw an ad for the Aldo winter collection and fell in love with Jessica Stam (whom I absolutely adore) in a long black blazer over a white lace dress. At that moment, I needed a black velvet blazer and a white lace dress. And thus, my epic journey began.

Some backgound information: I live in small city where the shopping is..lets say “sub-par” (but the beaches and weather almost make up for it). There are only a handful of good stores, and if you’re on a mission for a particular item? Good luck.  This can often present a problem for me, because when I have a piece of clothing in mind, I am obsessed with finding it.

And so was the case with the velvet blazer. When my go-to shops and thrifting didn’t pan out, I dragged myself to Orchard Park Mall. I went into every store in that mall. I think I may even have stumbled, with heavy heart and glazed eyes, into the House of Knives after hours of searching (side note: never walk into a knife store with slurred speach and glazed eyes – it will end badly).  But then, a miracle! I finally found this cute little number at Costa Blanca, and on sale to boot! Score! Kelowna mall pulled thru.

If there is any moral to be learned here, it’s to hold on to your dreams.  Or follow your heart.  Or shop at the mall.  Pick whichever works for you.

Velvet Blazer: Costa Blanca-remixed here
Polka Dot Blouse: Joe Fresh Style-remixed here
Polka Dot Skirt: Modcloth-remixed here and here
Boots: Asos
Tights: H&M
Belt: Kenneth Cole (borrowed from fiance)



  1. J. Kononoff wrote:

    Love the tights!!!

  2. Savannah wrote:

    Nothing is better than finding something you have been looking for, especially when it's on sale! I love your whole look & those tights are awesome!

  3. Sarah Ball wrote:

    I love Costa Blanca's blazers… In fact, i think i went through a phase of buying them so frequently that i had to cut myself off.

  4. Tiffany wrote:

    cute post, and cute tights, and cute skirt, and cute blouse… and cute blazer, of course. Also, your hair is magnificent. Love your blog.

  5. alana denham wrote:

    Thanks! I swear by this styling rod I picked up by T.G.I.F. The curls last for days and its so fast to do. You can also get a similar one by Conair at Walmart.

  6. Gina wrote:

    Great outfit! You look awesome. Love the tights.

  7. Jenn wrote:

    Great outfit in general… and the blazer is adorable!! Thanks for all the fashion advice :)

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