30 for 30 round up

So here is all the 30 outfits over the last 30 days. It’s weird to see 30 Alanas in a row – it makes me think that I should start smiling more, and maybe start looking at the camera.

I’ve absolutely loved this 30 for 30 remix, and I’m so delighted that I decided to participate. I actually surprised myself with how I felt about the 30 items. Even though these were the only clothes I was wearing, I fell more in love with them. I thought I would get tired of wearing the same things, but knowing that they could be worked in so many different ways made me love them more…even my older pieces!

Don’t get me wrong, though – I’m really excited to go back to the rest of my closet.

For those of you that have been asking me “Is this it? Is the blog over?” the answer is no! I have so many more ideas and outfits to share, including a three-part series coming next week that I think you will really enjoy.  Rhys rolled his eyes when I told him my idea, so I’m convinced you’re all going to love it!  What do boys know, anyway.

What was your favorite outfit of the 30 days? Mine was day three.




  1. lisa bee wrote:

    i like 6, 11, 13.

    i think i like 11 the most! can't wait to see whats next!!!

  2. Tanvi wrote:

    Wow! Congrats. You did so well! :)

  3. I loved day 5, 7, 13, and 29! But they are all great :)

  4. lisa wrote:

    HOORAY! congrats…feels good, right?! i know what you mean about falling in love with your items. some i am kind of "meh" about, but some i want to keep wearing! glad youre keeping the blog going!!! dont leave us!!!!! :D

  5. Tiffany wrote:

    Ok, you know I love them all, but my favorites are 7, 8, 11, 17, 22, 23, and 30. 17 is my absolute favorite because it's totally something I would wear, but I love the looks that are so different from my aesthetic as well. You did an amazing job of taking the 30 items and creating looks that are completely different from one another, and I swoon over the statement pieces in your closet (Im talking about the fur vest, leather shorts, leather pants, velvet shoes…) Take me shopping, please. Make me buy the crazy pieces that will make people whisper, "oh my, look at that stylish vixen!"

    Also, SOOOOO glad to have met you through the 30×30, you are officially at the top of my must-read list. Can't wait to see what the rest of your wardrobe looks like.

  6. meganDenham wrote:

    6 is my fav fav!!!! but love 8, 11, 18, 21, and 22!!!

  7. Savannah wrote:

    I think day 5 was my fav! Soooo hard to choose though. You really killed it! I absolutely adore you & your style.

  8. Dani wrote:

    Your remix was so fabulous, versatile and fun!

    My favorites are 9 and 22 – they look so effortless yet pulled-together, classic, and classy, all at once!

    Looking forward to post-30×30 blogging! :)

  9. Court wrote:

    Ok I love them all! 7 is my fav, but 8 and 16 are soo awesome too!! It looks so cool with them all together! Good job my friend!

  10. day 5 and day 13! plus cute hair on day 13. love love love.

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