a whole new i love denham

I am thrilled to officially launch the new I Love Denham!

You’ll probably notice the biggest change, that ILD now has an index page, set up in the style of a look book.  We did this so readers can easily see the outfits that are featured in each post. Do you remember an outfit you liked, but can’t remember when it was posted? Now you can quickly browse to find it! The blog is also easier to navigate with Categories, Archive by month, and a much better Search function.

The Blog Post pages have been given a facelift to better accommodate all of our great new advertisers and sponsors. We will be doing a feature on one of these new sponsors tomorrow, so make sure to come back to find out how you can win some free product!

I want to give a huge thank you to all my readers for your support, likes and comments over the past year and a half.  You keep me going!


white trench coat: Michael Kors via Winners (recent)
bright yellow shirt: Zara
coral mini skirt: Zara
scarf: Daub+Design
loafers: Aldo
sunglasses: Tory Burch (borrowed from a friend)


  1. Bethany wrote:

    Love the new blog, looks clean and professional!!

  2. Jon wrote:

    I Love Denham! I Love Site!

  3. Kasia wrote:

    Good job Lan! Congrats!!

  4. Courtney wrote:

    Your site looks great Alana! I live being able to go back and look at the outfits from before and the ones I missed. I looked at the marathon ones again (tear) I wish u were here to run with me! Miss u xo

  5. Natel Hull wrote:

    Looks fantastic, very fresh!

  6. Sarah wrote:

    I have been reading your blog for awhile now… love it! I wish I could take you shopping with me! The new look is awesome!

  7. kelly wrote:

    everything I buy is I love denham inspired! that white coat is fabulous

  8. Amy wrote:

    I love this look. So fresh and spring like. You are always so beautiful!

  9. what a super pretty outfit for spring!! love the look of your blog!

  10. Jas wrote:

    love your white blazer!

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