animal stripes

My weekend was spent doing spring cleaning, organizing, and list-making. My personality can usually be a bit spontaneous and impulsive, so if I don’t have a detailed plan of what to clean or buy, I would quickly turn into a broke slob. I find this also translates to planning outfits as well; sometimes I can pick out an outfit quite quickly like this one, but there have been a few unplanned outfit disasters in my past.

Do you plan your outfits the night before or pick them out that morning?

striped blazer: H&M
horse print blouse: Winners (last seen worn here)
red skinny jeans: American Eagle
periwinkle loafers: Topshop
satchel bag: H&M
oversized gold menswear watch: Michael Kors



  1. Court wrote:

    Love it!! I so want red jeans… I Defs pick out in the morning, and tim always tells me to wear a skirt when I ask for his advise. Sometimes he wins and I do put on my one of many skirts. It's fall in oz but still a warm 28degrees average!

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