Ever since Netflix put all 3 seasons of Pretty Little Liars on their roster I’ve been more than obsessed with Spencer, Emily, Hannah, and my girl Aria.  I love the girls unique style that their characters have but I am most drawn to Aria’s.  She has influenced numerous outfits including this one.

Anyone else a PLL fan?

moto jacket: Zara
dress: H&M
lace tights: winners
boots: Just Fab



  1. Shanna wrote:

    Love it! Pretty Little Liars is the best :)

  2. Krista wrote:

    I LOVE that show!!!!

  3. Miranda wrote:

    you look great, Alana! I like Hanna and Aria’s style – but they all look amazing! Can’t wait to see the 3rd season finale – its waiting on my PVR.

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