This is another old dress I pulled out of my closet, well actually pulled out of my suitcase. I’ve been homeless for 2 months, staying with family while my condo got some work done. But I am happy to report that the renovations are done and I am so excited to start unpacking my clothes and decorating my (and soon Rhys’) place.

Have a great day!

Dress: Paulnkc via Blonde
Jacket: BDG via Urban Outfitters
Clogs: Jessica Simpson via Winners



  1. lisa bee wrote:

    i LOVE this dress!!! can i come over for movie / dpx2? i miss your place!

  2. Kasia wrote:

    I have a fantastic photo of you in that dress! Will have to post :)

  3. Karen wrote:

    That dress is adorable!

  4. Again, congrats on winning the bracelet! So happy for you!!!

    Also, where are you getting all these cute dresses!?! You just make me want to shop…it's horrible :P

  5. alana denham wrote:

    Thanks Alicia!

    I get most of my dresses from a local boutique here in town called Blonde it is the best! I have not been shopping either. Hence, why I've been pulling out all my old dresses.

    Good luck on the no shopping thing. It is a hard one. Especially with having a blog.

  6. jenn wrote:

    lanz, i literally had those same jessica simpsons from winners…on sale for cheap cheap..but i had to take them back cause i couldnt walk in them :( !!!!!!!!!!!

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