defining style

I’ve been thinking a lot about personal style lately and how exactly I want to define my own; I often get asked to define my personal style, and I usually struggle to answer. I’m drawn to a lot of different trends and styles. I mostly like to purchase things that I find fun and unique, but can be worn easily with classic pieces.

Like most things in my life, I’ve decided to take an active approach to defining and fine-tuning my style. It started with a running list in my iPad of all the items that I continuosly reach for again and again, as well as the pieces I’d like to invest in down the road. I took a hard look at my closet, and have determined to be more focused and deliberate in defining and evolving my style. The goal is to end up with a wardrobe full of pieces that get worn regularly, and are of high enough quality to be treasured for years. I know its way past January but I’m calling this my 2012 fashion goal.

Whats your approach to your style? Is it careful and deliberate, or is it spontaneous and impulsive?

denim button up: H&M
green skinny jeans:  Forever 21
oxfords: Steve Madden
hand dyed scarf: Daub+Design





  1. Mandy wrote:


    This is great! I have also been pondering this. It is so hard to define what kind of style you have.

    I always love reading magazines and when I find a picture of an outfit I really like, I keep it. Seeing my collection of photos shows me what kind of style I want to have and then try to incorporate those outfit ideas into my wardrobe. That being said, its alot harder than it looks!

    As usual, you have great style, Alana. I always enjoy your blog!

    • Alana wrote:

      I love doing this as well and I usually end up with so many magazine clippings! Thank goodness for Pinterest! I’ve also been making mood boards each season and hanging them up near my closet. Good luck and thank you!

  2. LIse wrote:

    Good luck with your fashion goal girl! you are well on your way!
    <3 these green skinnies!

  3. Tiffany wrote:

    First off, this outfit is great. I love the color of your jeans and the shoes are a perfect complement. What I admire about your style is your appreciation for the unexpected details that make an outfit fabulous- bright colors contrasted against one another, unusually mixed prints, pairing vastly different styles (like boots with a sequin skirt or combats with a floral dress) into a cohesive look- and your willingness to take on new trends and make them seem natural. You OWN your outfits. I think it’s awesome that you’re taking a more conscious and deliberate approach to creating your personal style and I can’t wait to see where your wardrobe is a year from now.

    Over the last few months my style has been shifting so the things that were staples in my wardrobe last year aren’t as important within my current style. Right now I feel as though I’m in personal style limbo. I’m moving through one phase into the next. If you asked me to define it, I wouldn’t know where to begin.

    • Alana wrote:

      You are so sweet Tiffany! I’ve always loved reading your comments. They are always so genuine. I really appreciate it. I look forward to see your style grow as well I always love your girly, feminine, and fun take on fashion and trends.

  4. Jenaya wrote:

    First off I love the look of this outfit. I can definitely feel spring being welcomed here! Second I love your thoughts and ideas for your fashion goal. I have always wanted to have a closet where things get worn equally the same!Keep inspiring people!

    • Alana wrote:

      Thanks Jenaya! I’m trying to get into Spring fashion more but its hard when it’s been so grey outside! Color is my favorite thing to wear so I’m excited to start adding more neon, sherbets, and pastels to my wardrobe.
      I agree with you I want every piece in my wardrobe to get equal love!

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