i heart summer fashion

It’s crazy to me that last summer I found it daunting to pick out an outfit.  The heat made the thought of layering trigger instant perspiration, and last summer’s neutral palette was not exactly inspiring for me.  I usually ended up wearing a variation of jean cutoffs and a patterned tank.  This summer I’m singing a different tune, and am absolutely LOVING all the bright bold colors and beautifully patterned bottoms found in all the shops. I’ve begun to think summer may just about rival fall for my favorite fashion season.

How about you, do you love summer fashion?

tangerine blazer: Urban Planet ($10!!!)
baby blue sheer blouse: Urban Planet ($15!!!!)
floral shorts: Zara
oxfords: Steve Madden
oversize gold watch: Michael Kors
bracelet: Forever 21
floral sunglasses: D&G



  1. Erin wrote:

    Love this look! :)

  2. Libby wrote:

    Holy Moly!!! $10 blazer!! :O
    and soo funny that you mention the seasons… because i was so excited for summer and bought so many fun pieces but have run out of “summer blogging” steam already and have to say that i am slightly looking forward to fall even though i have not even blogged half of the little summer gems purchased! :) still cant believe that blazer was $10… i just blogged a similar one from jacob that was “on sale” for $70!!! :S gotta check out Urban Planet more often! :D
    Have a great week Alana!

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