fuzzy lavender

I love trying new trends, but sometimes it’s really really hard to find the perfect item.  Take these shorts, for example.  After seeing black leather shorts styled in a magazine last year, I absoultely fell in love with them, and was determined to get a pair.

So I began scouring the land and internet in search of the perfect leather shorts.  The first pair I bought (online at Asos) fit much too big, so back they went.  The second (purchased at Forever 21) made me look like Julia Roberts in Pretty Women before she met Richard Gere…and not in any sort of good way.

My continued search was nothing but disappointment after disappointment, but finally, just before Christmas, I found this pair at H&M. I slipped those bad boys on, and a chorus of angels began singing. The wait was worth it.

Do you have a favorite item that took you a long time to find?

fucshia blazer: Zara
fuzzy lavender sweater: Material Girl (The Bay)
leather high waisted shorts: H&M
boots: Aldo (old)
clutch: Costa Blanca
ring: The Bay
watch: Michael Kors (The Bay)



  1. Val wrote:

    I LOVE this sweater!

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