ghost stories

Last night was a night spent with friends over large amounts of food and wine where the conversation jumped from one subject to the next so  quickly that we were left not knowing how we arrived at certain subjects. I love these kinds of nights because that is exactly how my brain works. I jump from one subject to the next so fast I usually leave people wondering how or why I went from talking about the weather to Charlie Sheens goddesses.

Last night a large part of the dinner conversation was centered around “the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you.” Now this a topic that I will stay on. Not because I’m passionate about the subject, but because I easily can tell you my scary stories that leave people trying to conjure up rational explanations at which I just can’t accept.

Long story short, a ring that had been left on a Cruise ship in the Mediterranean ended up sitting on top of my glasses case by the bathroom sink on a night that no one was in my condo but me.

Sleep walking? Bird? Ghost? Flying monkey fish?

Jacket: Zara
Dress: H&M
Clogs: Jessica Simpson via Winners
Bag: H&M
Tights: Joe Fresh Style
Earrings: Aldo (gifted)



  1. Amanda wrote:

    Ah, I LOVE this outfit! The dress with the denim jacket is soooo gorgeous! And those shoes go so perfectly with it. Have a great weekend girl!


  2. Savannah wrote:

    That's so scary!! But I do loooove this outfit! :)

  3. Tiffany wrote:

    Oh, that is a creepy story. I lose things all the time… like, they just disappear into thin air… but I can't imagine the freaky feeling of knowing where something was lost and then having it reappear somewhere else. That's some scary Lifetime Movie stalker shit. (Can I cuss here? Are you against that?) You know what would be even scarier? Having multiple personalities that only come out to un-hide things to freak you (the REAL you) out. Think about how that would mess with your head.

    Ok, in regards to this outfit, I love how you paired the fleece-lined jacket with fleece-lined clogs, and I love that you paired these cold-weather accessories (I think of jackets as accessories) with such a spring-y dress print. Geez Alana, you have awesome clothes.

  4. Kate Maggie wrote:

    I dont get why this silly thing didnt post my comment?! Ah, I wrote a huge one too! :(

    My first question is…..can you stop being so gorgeous and leave some for the rest of us? ;)
    Also..did the ring randomly belong to someone on the cruise ship that you didnt know?

    I love this outfit Alana! I need to get a jean jacket asap! It looks so good on you..especially with the floral and those boots. Perfection. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!! xo

  5. katou wrote:

    Love this Boho chic style and you have amazing hair!!!

  6. lisa wrote:

    that IS creepy! what the heck?!

  7. Kasia wrote:

    Just realized my comment I posted here did not appear…. Love the ringlets Lan, very Tinsley Mortimer. Also love the saddle bag. Ahhh I finally get to hear the green ring story – creepy.

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