giveaway: daub + design

Daub+Design is a fantastic up-and-coming brand based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Featuring hand-dyed fabrics and locally produced items, the scarves, underwear, leggings and bathings suits by principle designer Lexi Soukoreff are truly unique and incredibly easy to wear.

I’ve been incorporating Daub+Design scarves into my outfits all this week, and they provide the perfect hit of colour leading into spring!

And best of all? Today I’m giving away one of these hand dyed scarves! To win, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post below telling me which color is your favorite.

The give-away will be open until 11:59 PST on Sunday, April 1st. We will pick someone through random draw, and will announce the lucky winner early next week. Good luck, and be sure to check back later this week for another draw of some awesome clothing courtesy of Daub+Design!



  1. Kirsten wrote:

    I love love love the pink tie dye scarf! :) blog is looking great!

  2. Name * wrote:

    Alana – so hard to choose a favorite colour these days – colour is EVERYWHERE!!!

    But I always a fan of blues, greens and blue-greens :)

    Love this blog – my daily stop at lunch!

  3. Tanis wrote:

    I love the yellow and orange one! Perfect for this summer.

  4. I LOVE the pink and white one!!!!!
    great new design layout Lan! looking good, keep it up :)

  5. Name * wrote:

    Alana- the new blog looks amazing!

    I love the yellow scarf, so pretty as we are heading into spring!

    Read all of your blogs to get my fashion fix.

    Cheers, Shelby

  6. Carli wrote:

    I am in Love with the pink scarf!

    I Love your Blog!

  7. I ♥ to eat wrote:

    I’m all about the pale mint green, beauty!

  8. Ker wrote:

    I heart the yellow one! I love D&D.

  9. Roz wrote:

    I am loving the beautiful pink one!

  10. Christina wrote:

    I love the pink one!

  11. Kirsten wrote:

    They all look great. I love the yellow one, and it looks amazing on you.

  12. Courtney wrote:

    love the yellow one!!! :D

  13. Jenna wrote:

    Love the pink, Go Lexi and Go Alana!

  14. Lisa wrote:

    I Love the coral one

  15. Paige wrote:

    The yellow water color in the middle pic is so lovely! If I don’t win I might just have to go buy it!

  16. The pink is my favourite, especially with that white coat!

  17. Tana wrote:

    Lovin’ the coral/pink scarf….definitely my fav!!! :-)

  18. Jen wrote:

    I LOVE the yellow scarf! Hints of orange, greens, blues, purples….looks fantastic! Amazing job!

  19. EEEEEEE the pink one!!!!

  20. Sarah Kiomi wrote:

    I love love love the yellow! So gorgeous!

  21. Melissa wrote:

    I love the pink scarf!!! Looks great paired with the white new jacket!

  22. Ashley wrote:

    I am absolutely in love with the last one! Peach/Orange combo. Le siiiigh!

  23. Lauren wrote:

    I love the pale mint green/white one! So adorable!

  24. Clara Turbay wrote:

    i enjoy this blog.

  25. megan denham wrote:

    1st one! the light green one! love!!! if i dont win! hook me up lana!!!

  26. Lise Grue wrote:

    LOVE the pink and white one! loving the look of the new blog ;-) miss you guys!

  27. Maegan wrote:

    Gorgeous! I love the coral one ( in the 3rd pic). Faaaabulous stuff!

  28. Heather wrote:

    Love your blog Alana. I started following you on Castanet and now check your blog regularly :)
    You inspire me to add bursts of color and fun prints to my otherwise conservative wardrobe!
    The scarves are beautiful. I love them all (but especially the yellow one with shades of orange, green, blue and mauve)!!!!!

  29. Leanne wrote:

    The orange/yellow one is so beautiful! Love your blog always!

  30. Hi! I love the coral!
    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!!! :)

  31. Lou-Anne wrote:

    Alana great job with the blog! You’ve got a real eye for beauty and are so awesome at putting these amazing outfits together! I love the scarfs and would totally rock the pink one… Fingers crossed I win!

  32. Nicki wrote:

    I like them all but the one that I’d want for myself is the multi-coloured one; so practical!

  33. Jodie wrote:

    I love, love, LOVE the coral scarf! I will DEFINITELY check out the Daub+Design website! Thank you for introducing me to new designers! :)

  34. I’m addicted to scarves – just ask my closet. So thrilled I found another blogger around these parts. Thanks for the giveaway. Xo

  35. Julia wrote:

    I love the first one! The really light colours of white/mint green are perfect to tone down and wear with this seasons bright colours!

  36. I hit send before saying “yes please to the first blue/green one”

  37. The mint green one is absolutely fantastic. Great find with Daub+Design, super rad.

  38. Tina wrote:

    ooohhh ahhh I looove the oranj and green one! super cute!

  39. Jackie wrote:

    I’m a pink girl, so the pink/white one is my fav! BTW, I LOVE your new white trench coat!

  40. Nikki wrote:

    Bluff and Sienna are the ones I like the most.
    It’s taken me a bit of getting used to, but now I do LOVE the new blog. I’m an avid follower, even if I’m not quite daring enough to wear all the outfits.

  41. Terri wrote:

    love the yellow one!! great job on the new site to! you and rhys are the perfect team!!
    your lookin beautiful as ever!

  42. Jenaya wrote:

    I love the mint green supper fresh for spring!

  43. Sascha wrote:

    The pink and white has to be my favorite, it is gorgeous!

  44. Carling wrote:

    I love the coral one and the yellow!

  45. Candice wrote:

    The coral is my fav!!!

  46. Darlene wrote:

    I love the sunny shades of yellow and orange. Perfect for spring!

  47. Lindsay wrote:

    Ok this could be a way for me to add some color since my current scarves are black and black with grey. I love the pinky coral one, wonder if I could do pink;)

  48. AManda wrote:

    I love the muted green/purple scarf – super versatile!

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  50. Jessica Vaira wrote:

    I lOOOOOve the yellow one!

  51. Alicia wrote:

    I love the last pink coral one, sooo pretty, perfect for an early start on summer!

  52. Jen wrote:

    Love that I just found your blog!

    I was at portobello west this last weekend with daub & design and I got to love on her gorgeous designs in person.

    I’d have to say the pink is my fav, but I’d wear them All!

  53. Ashley wrote:

    Pink is so cute!

  54. Melissa wrote:

    I love pink!

    I’m a big fan of your blog. Keep up the great fashion!

  55. Phoebe wrote:

    the yellow and orange is my favourite,those are such unique colour combinations!

  56. Dani K. wrote:

    Love that top scarf! Is that green?

  57. Maddie Haisch wrote:

    I love everything about your color choices!!! I am SO into bright colors right now!!

  58. Courtney wrote:

    I love the pink one!! Especially with the white jacket! Xo

  59. Aunt Donna wrote:

    Greens and blues I love right now! Fun checking your blog out, Cutie!

  60. tasha wrote:

    Here’s my comment…Love you!

  61. Love the pink and white one, so cute! Awesome job with the blog, looks great! Hope all is well:)

  62. Kasie McCaw wrote:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink scarf :)

  63. Jessica wrote:

    I love the scarves and I LOVE you!!! Pink is my fav ;)

  64. Alana wrote:

    Thanks all for entering! The contest is now closed. We’ll be announcing the winner soon!

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