how to wear your house coat in public

Attention women everywhere! Your husband/boyfriend/whatever will not understand that you can wear two kinds of polka dots at the same time.  I’m here to tell you that you can!  Even if one of those polka dots looks like “Hugh Hefner’s bath robe” as Rhys so eloquently put it.

Haha the joke’s on Rhys, we went out for brunch shortly after taking these photos, and the waitress commented that she looooooooved my jacket*.

*her actual comment was “I love your jacket! It looks like a housecoat from the 60′s” but we won’t tell Rhys that.


House coat- I mean Jacket: Vintage via Frock
Dress: H&M
Shoes: Madden Girl via Winners
Bag: Michael Kors (gifted)


  1. Sarah wrote:

    I love the red on black, especially the cord detailing. And I fully support the polka dots on polka dots. Some things are just meant to be, even if the man in your life doesn't get it. (: Also, my feet want your shoes.

  2. Dani wrote:

    I very much like your version of a house coat. My grandma only wears "house coats" and hers are of the floral muumuu variety hahaha. Loving your Hugh Hefness! ;)

    Obsessed with these shoes! Sparkles and zippers and booties oh my!

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