how to winterize your romper: part 2

Romper number two is kind of a bummer for me. Not because its not fantastic, Rhys. But because it shrunk…… or maybe I grew. For now I’m gonna stick with it shrinking. Hopefully it will fit better this summer.

I met with one of my good friends, Rachel (a personal trainer) yesterday and we went over my diet and exercise plan for my wedding which is in a little over 3 months!

And remember to keep sending me your romper outfits!

Faux Fur Jacket: Anthropologie (gifted)
Lace Sweater: Blonde
Romper: H&M ($12!)
Boots: Winners
Tights: Joe Fresh
Earrings: Juicy (gifted)
Ring: Aldo
Bracelet: Coach


* all photos taken by Rhys Albrecht



  1. Courtney Denham wrote:

    Please do! I've loved reading your blogs! :) <3 you cuz!

  2. Kasia wrote:

    You know that I just love your hair like that :) And you KNOW that jacket is my FAVE. Who gifted it for you? What a sweet soul. Megan has a lace sweater that looks very similar to yours. I wonder where hers is from. Polka dots rule! Also, where are these photos taken? Very cool space. I am SO looking forward to your posts about health and fitness.

  3. Tiffany wrote:

    I love the dotted romper with the sheer lace sweater overtop, and as always your hair is PERFECT (what's your curling secret?) but CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT THOSE BOOTS?! Ask Rhys to please get closer next time because it sort of looks like they're shimmering but I could just be dreaming of amazing glitter covered booties. And I love the seamline detail on the tights and who knows the kind of people who GIFT anthro fur coats because those are just the kind of people I need in my life so if you've got connections I want in on them.

    Also, I love the segue from shrinking rompers to diet plans. Whether it was intentional or not (I'll choose to believe it was), it's perfect. Let me know how the wedding fitness plan works, I'll take any tips that make healthy food taste better and exercise feel fun.

  4. Elizabeth wrote:

    Loving that faux fur coat! So fun and perfect for adding that extra something to any outfit! I've been looking for one for forever!

  5. meganDenham wrote:

    its like a double megan gifted outfit! im an awesome gifter!!!! lol….ps i love love LOVe that shirt with the jacket! AMAZING!!!

  6. meganDenham wrote:

    ps this outfit would ALSO look cute with boots!

  7. Savannah wrote:

    LOVE this as usual I totally need to wear my leopard jacket.

  8. alana denham wrote:

    me and Megan have the same lace sweater which we bought on the same day at Blonde, here in Kelowna. I forget the brand though! I'll have to check
    Megan gifted this jacket to me when I couldn't afford it when I was in Edmonton. It was on sale for 40 bucks down from 200! She is so sweet, she said I had to have it!
    These photos were taken in downtown Kelowna at the Laurel Building which is Kelownas Heritage building which has been re-done recently. We went there so Rhys could take some shots to show a client. They also do weddings here. It is gorgeous.

    My curling secret? Hmm well I usually blow dry it straight with a round brush and then use a curling rod (refer to Feb favorites post) but here I just took a straightening iron and just curled the ends.
    Yes! These boots do in facet sparkle which is the main reason that I purchased them. I will make sure to get a closer picture next time! My fellow fashionista cousin Megan gifted me this jacket when I was in the Edmonton Anthro and couldn't afford it. She said I just had to have it.
    And yes, that segue way was intentional:) Its always time to start fitness and diet plans when a piece of clothing that use to fit last summer is a little snug in places

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