how to winterize your romper: part 3

Let’s talk about R-O-M-P-E-R. Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that make them. Are you humming Lets Talk About Sex by Salt and Pepper in your head too? Ya, that was my intention. But seriously! Lets talk about rompers!

I’m officially calling this week Romper week! I’m sure Rhys is hating every second of it, but hey, it’s like wearing pajamas out in public and who can hate on that? Plus, it a no-fuss thing to throw on your body. It’s even better than a dress, because you can avoid that unpleasant Britney Spears episode. Not that I don’t wear underwear, its just that I’m not so graceful while exiting a car. But with this beautiful invention of a top attached to shorts, I can let my limbs fly while exiting a car and not have to worry about those damn paparazzi capturing my lady bits.

And ya, your boyfriend may give you the stink-eye accompanied with the “what the hell are you wearing?” but I salute you! Anything that feels this comfy and free is the perfect thing for me!

Leather Jacket: Guess (thrifted)
Romper: Costa Blana
Lace Bandeau: American Apparel
Boots: Michael Kors via Kolu
Bag: H&M
Tights: Joe Fresh
Bunny Necklace: hand carved via local artist


* all photos taken by Rhys Albrecht


  1. cuteredbow wrote:

    Love your blog ! You have such an inspiring style !

  2. Kasia wrote:

    OMG THOSE BOOTS! So happy you bought them! I love the rabbit necklace too! What the hell are you wearing?! Haha, just kidding, you always look amazing! Also you made me snort thinking about your limbs flying lol.

  3. Jessica wrote:

    This town needs more people like you. Keep it up :)

  4. Savannah wrote:

    That is such a cute romper! I can't wait to get my hands on mine :)

  5. Court wrote:

    You cannot compare wearing pj's in public to rompers! Rompers are soooo much better and more stylie! Cant wait to get my (one) romper out. soon enough, its getting warm!!! and I love the bunny!

  6. Alicia wrote:

    oh i love how you toughened the romper with the leather jacket!

  7. Dani wrote:

    I want that bunny! I have a serious obsession with animals and animal prints of any kind!

    P.S. E-mailing you later! <3

  8. meganDenham wrote:

    you make me laugh daily with youre posts! ps heart the boots!

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