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I got an email from my friend (and fellow blogger!) Nicole asking “Who inspires you?”

Over the past few years that I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve regularly been asked some variation of the questions “Who is you style icon?” or “Who inspires you?”, and I’ve always had a difficult time answering this question.  Not because I don’t have any style inspirations or icons, but because I have too many.  I’ve found that many people inspire the way I dress and stir up a passion for fashion in me.  Every day I draw inspiration from friends, magazines, strangers on the street (I’m definitely a fan of people watching), bloggers, Instagram, celebrities, costume designers, stylists, and of course my fellow fashion bloggers.

Above all, I’m especially inspired by patterns and color, and I love discovering new and unexpected combos! These outfits are an example of how I’m influenced by various things and people around me that influence my outfit decisions.  One of those influences? Runway trends: during the Spring/Summer shows at New York Fashion Week, the black and white color palette was everywhere through-out designer’s collections, so I’ve created these outfits to show you how you can take this look from simple to stunning.

My husband Rhys loves his cardigans. As we were getting ready one day, he threw on a simple black and white striped t-shirt with a cardigan, and I fell in love with him all over again – he’s so handsome!  Now, it’s not like this outfit is all that out-of-the-box, but sometimes I forget that simple combos are the most effective.  But of course I had to add patterned pants to the mix.

Sometime in December I was channel surfing and landed on some Canadian talk show where a stylist was showing how to wear sparkles for the holidays.  This outfit, with the great mix of soft fabric and bold printed sweater with the sequined skirt, was inspired by her. And despite the holiday connection, the simple black and white palette makes this outfit appropriate for any time of year. And not only that, the dressed down casual sweater makes it easy to wear this sequins during the day!

During my first trip to New York I saw a designer pair a polka dot pattern with a bird print pattern in her runway show. I was so obsessed with the look, I didn’t rest until I found a shirt in a similar pattern.  This outfit has on my mind for a long time, and I’m definitely going to be bringing it out more often.

Now Nicole, I know I cheated a bit on this question by avoiding the question, so if I had to chose a style icon and inspiration, I’d have to go with Beyonce. That girl does sexy, edgy and stylish like nobody’s business.

Check out Nicole’s blog on who she finds inspiring, as well as some of the other bloggers she put this question to.


  1. nicole wrote:

    Awesome post Alana! Thanks for participating in this project. Beyonce is a majorly inspiring woman! She kills it everytime.

  2. Courtney wrote:

    Very inspiring! I have to say you Alana are my style inspiration! So much awesomeness going on here!! xo

  3. Beyonce is definitely an inspiring woman! Great post. :)

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