kiss on the lips

I have been known to hoard sequins in my closet. I see a sequined item, and I have to have it.

I hope you have  a great weekend! I know mine will be full of relaxation, The Vampire Diaries (my most current t.v obsession, thanks Shanna), unpacking, yoga, wine, and dessert. How about you?

Sequin Cardigan: Forever 21
Tank Top: Forever 21
Jeans: Gap
Booties: Winners



  1. Krista wrote:

    i want that tank top!!!

  2. Kasia wrote:

    LOVE the photo from behind, great job Rhys! And the sequins of course. And the booties!!

  3. Dani wrote:

    I am loving literally everything about this outfit! Pretty sure we need to do a North American clothing swap! <3

  4. Kirsten W wrote:

    love your blog and this look!! I bought these shoes at winners too! :)

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