My absolute favorite outfits are the ones where I mix textures. The more textures the better.

What textures do you love to mix?

leather bomber: h&m
knit sweater: aritzia
silk slip: aritzia
boots: modcloth
bag: winners
scarf: winners
tights: walmart
necklace: aldo



  1. Denis Paxton wrote:

    the brown leather jacket rocks!

  2. Melissa wrote:

    I love this outfit so much!

  3. H wrote:

    I LOVE all the knitted patterns in sweaters, they add a nice 'depth' as opposed to all flat textures. I also love to wear black tights that have subtle patterns in them :)

  4. meganD wrote:

    love this!

  5. Sybil Wieners wrote:

    Knit+silk+leather= excellent combination. Very fashionista!

  6. Lisa wrote:

    Hey Alana!
    I am a huge fan of your blog and tweets and always look forward to your latest post.
    As a young professional I found myself trudging through the snow on my way to a meeting this morning in my flats, simply because all of my boots have some type of heel. In fear that I would wipe out in my current boots (with heels) I am wondering if you have any suggestions for stylish winter boots that will work in the snow? Perhaps a possible blog in this topic?

    Lisa @ellenLmarketing

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