LOVEleigh Giveaway (flannel lumberjacket)

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I’m excited to kick off the new year with a giveaway from an amazing local designer! Morgan from LOVEleigh started her clothing company with her two passions; her love for fashion and her commitment to human rights.  With both in mind, Morgan set out to build a company that would not only sell her handmade garments (beautiful silk kimono’s, maxi dresses, and soft flannel Lumberjackets like the one above), but with the sale of each garment would help a women in an impoverished country.  Morgan travels all around the world to places like Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania, and Mexico. At each of these places she has sought out original fabric from the local women instead of going to large fabric store’s and with the purchase of the fabric it helps these local women make a living.

LOVEleigh dreams of one day building a design house in an impoverished country that can employ local women to hand make the beautiful garments as well as providing housing, food, and education.  With the purchase of any LOVEleigh garment you are directly helping in making a better life for these women. And above all of that, a portion of the proceeds from LOVEleigh go to educating, housing and feeding a young boy that Morgan met in Malawai.  This will be the second year in a row that Morgan was able to support this young man and give him a better future.  How great it that? Fashion with a cause.

Morgan has generously donated the Lumberjacket that is pictured for one of you to win! I myself have one and I absolutely love it! To enter simply share this page on social media and write a comment below about either a) a passion or dream you have to make this world a better place or b) a selfless time that you did something for someone else.

I myself have made a resolution (if you will) for 2014 to be a year of looking outside of myself for ways to bless someone everyday.  I found that as soon as I made this intention to consider others and how I might change someones day even in a small way the circumstances just seemed to  present themselves.   And bonus? I’ve also been blessed by doing so! It’s only been a few weeks, but I’ve found even little things make a big difference in someones life; bringing dinner to a friend who has had a bad week, offering to babysit to an over tired mom, helping a stranger catch their runaway dog, or giving a listening ear to an acquaintance who just needs someone to share their troubles with.

For more information on Morgan’s amazing company with a cause check out LOVEleigh’s website where she has an online shop or their Facebook page.

Giveaway closes 11:59 pm January 23.

Good luck!


  1. brittany o wrote:

    My dream is to find my creative niche and to make a viable living doing it!

  2. SUMMER PLEWES wrote:

    I shared on facebook and here is my tweet as well.

    I wanted to say that I am in love with the mission Morgan is on and am happy you shared her story. I visited the site a moment ago and love some of the clothes there. We need more people like her in the world.

  3. Val wrote:

    When I was 19 I went to an orphanage in Croatia. I was with some friends and we spent a few hours just holding and playing with the 2-3year olds. (There were around 30) They just lived sitting on our laps and getting loved on. That day showed me that I am so blessed to live where I live and have what I have. And even just giving time to someone else can make a world of difference.

  4. Cindy A. wrote:

    Something I really enjoy doing is helping to clothe the homeless. I save up unwanted clothing throughout the year (mostly sweaters, coats, and other warm items) and a a day or two before Christmas I take them to areas where I know they frequent. I also like to leave Christmas cards with words of encouragement inside the pockets. It isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, but it could very well be the only help some of them receive.

  5. Cindy, this is so great! Way to go girl :) I love the idea of the extra little note in the pocket x

  6. I love this lumberjacket!, but I love the idea behind this clothing company even more. Your post really woke me up this morning. I cannot remember a time recently that I did something for someone else (if you don’t count my son). I think it is so easy to get wrapped up in your own life and the things you perceive as important or troublesome. I am inspired to make this my new years resolution, to do something for someone else on a regular basis. Thank you Alana Denham Albrecht!

  7. Jessie wrote:

    How are you managing to make such a cozy look come off so CHIC?! A true master you are, my dear! XOXO

  8. Suzannah wrote:

    In our GAP year, instead of going on Contiki or to Vegas, my sister and I went to Laos for four months and lived in a series of tiny villages building wells and helping them set up solar ovens. It was so amazing and incredibly rewarding. Since then we’ve returned three times to visit friends and each time we’ve worked for months beforehand to gather up donations and supplies. It is so wonderful to see the kids’ faces when we bring them pencils and paper. Although we seem to be the ones who are giving, I can’t tell you how much we have been gifted. The Laos people are so generous with their belongings, their stories, their spirits and their hearts.

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