oh my patterned pants!

I think it’s important to not take fashion too seriously. See example above.

blouse: Zara
botanical pants: H&M
bag: Zara
bow shoes: Joe Fresh



  1. lisabee wrote:

    oh Alana, I LOVE these pants! they look soooooo great!

  2. Kate wrote:

    Those pants are SO CUTE on you!! I love them! I was just looking at them online the other day! And are those Joe Fresh pumps recent?? They are adorable!

  3. alana denham wrote:

    @Kate Thank you! I got the pumps right before Christmas but I saw them on sale the other day!

  4. hannah wrote:

    Hey! Did you know that the March issue of Allure magazine took these exact pants and asked 6 different style bloggers to dress them up in their own way. Pg 116, you look like you fit in perfectly!

  5. Corutney wrote:

    Wow I love the pants and the shoes! Don't think I could ever pull them off though..Only you! You look great Lan! xo

  6. Corutney wrote:

    Tim said you will go crazy when you come visit us in Oz! There is SOO much good shopping here!

  7. alana denham wrote:

    @Courtney I CAN NOT wait to come visit you in OZ. I've been missing you so much. I miss my running buddy! Who will I train for another marathon with?!

  8. alana denham wrote:

    @hannah What a great compliment! No, I didn't see that article but now I'm going to have to get it so I can get more inspiration on how to wear these pants.

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