pajama jeans

I was at the mall over the weekend and to my delighted surprise came across a sale at American Eagle.  I was pretty excited about the sign that told me I’d be getting 40% off anything in the store, so I naturally said to myself “Alana, you’re pratically an idiot if you don’t buy a butt-load of things” And so friends, I did just that.  I was pretty happy about my purchases, choosing things that I’d been looking for awile like a black faux fur vest, and a leather sleeved cargo jacket.

These mettalic jeans were another jem I got for only $36! I was pretty pumped since they reminded me of a pair from Rag and Bone for a fraction of the price.

My husband has been bugging me about them though, calling them “pajama jeans” since they have so much stretch.  I’m wondering where he was for the whole jegging phenomenon? Alas, they are not as comfy as I would imagine the real pajama jeans being.  You know, since they don’t have a fleece lining and all.  And they have a zipper instead of an elastic waistband.

tweed moto-jacket: Zara
polka dot sweater: Forever 21
metaliic jeans: American Eagle


  1. Wren wrote:

    Oh my goodness can you imagine fleece lined metallic jeans? That is something Canadians need to make happen. I would wear them every day.

    You look stellar in that polka dot top and I love your hair!

  2. Megan wrote:

    Cute boots Alana!

  3. Bree wrote:

    LOVE those pants so MUCH! And I adore how you’ve styled them with that adorable top! you look gorgeous! <3

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