pink + orange= porange?

This blazer is doing it for me right now. It’s all kinds of wonderful. I feel like I can throw it over anything to transform a blah outfit into a pazzazi (is that a word) outfit. The down fall? I now want one in every color in the crayola crayon box. My husband might not be happy with that since he doesn’t even understand the need to have a basic assortment of blazers in: navy, black, grey, cream, white, blue, and stripes. That’s normal right?

For more remixing on this glorious jacket check out Rachels blog!

Blazer: Zara
Tank: Gap
Shorts: Wilfred via Aritzia
Wedges: Cupid via Winners
Aviators: Rayban
Finger party: H&M, banana republic, forever 21



  1. Dani wrote:

    I looooove your riiiings!

    And still need to get that blazer!

  2. Savannah wrote:

    So pretty!! Love all of your rings, and your hair!

  3. Audrey wrote:

    Alana, thank you so much for visiting my blog and your sweet comments! I love that you enjoyed my blog! It's still new and is slowly evolving. I look forward to all of your future posts!! xx PS- I love orange and pink together!

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