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Greetings from Edmonton!

I’m back in my old stomping ground for some shopping and girl time with my mom as well as my very first wedding shower! What does a girl wear to a shower? I’m thinking I have to find some big ol’ puffy dress or something. I’ll let you know how the hunt goes. Wait, who am I kidding? I’ll be showing you how the hunt went. I’ve got some serious focus for my second marathon of the week, a shopping marathon. No one is going to come between me, my perfect wedding attire, and a crap load of beautiful honeymoon apparel.

Wish me luck!

Blazer: Kensie via Blonde
Tank: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: Gap
Heels: H&M
Necklace: Aldo Accessories (last year)
Bag: Michael Kors (gifted)



  1. Court wrote:

    You look stunning! That third photo wow! I love the sequins! They are my secret love. Think I will wear them tonight!!! Miss you already!! xo

  2. Amy Overland wrote:

    I love this whole look. You are amazing. I must buy that tank though. Is it still in the store??

  3. lisa bee wrote:

    ALANA!!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE THIS ensemble!!!!!!!!!!! the necklace is dynamite!!! and that blazer! WOW. keep up the good finds! cant wait to see what you get for the shower!!! have fun in edmonton!!! you're hot stuff!


  4. Savannah wrote:

    Sounds like such an awesome shopping trip! You look gorgeous, I love the sequins

  5. Dani wrote:

    Well, once again, I've decided that I need a Canadian clothing exchange program. ;) I LOVE this sequined blazer – hand it over!

  6. Tiffany wrote:

    oh my, do I start with the exquisite statement necklace, the shiny sequined blazer, the gorgeous lacy top or the incredible red pumps?! It's all fabulous. And as for the wedding shower, I hope you feel like a princess or a birthday girl (both, preferably) and that whatever you find to wear makes you feel fantastic. I can't wait to see what you picked up on your shopping trip! You buy the coolest things.

  7. Elly wrote:

    A small question: you are saving some and planning for the fabulous shopping available on your honeymoon, right??

  8. alana denham wrote:

    Elly! I sure am! I can't wait to go to Top Shop!

  9. Danielle wrote:

    Oh I'm SO glad I saw this ! I have had that necklace in my closet for quite some time. I bought it because I just HAD TO have it, but shamefully have never worn it. Always thinking it was 'too dressy'. Wow did you just change my mind ! Again, Nicely done.

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