somewhere in between

Somewhere in between… it’s definitely how I feel every year around this time. I feel bi-polar with my outfits mixing all different seasons. And here is where I’m going to let you in on a little of my very few fashion faux pas.

I can not dress for the season, but rather have to dress for the weather. This seems like a very obvious statement, but I’m going completely against the grain. Bac in Alberta, the girls bust out their flip flops on March 21st even though there’s snow on the ground, and here in Kelowna girls will let their butt cheeks peek out of short shorts the moment the sun breaks through the winter clouds.

I do neither of these things, but I do end up holding on to warmer clothes longer than maybe I should, in the fear that I don’t have anything to wear for the new season. Kelowna shopping isn’t spectacular; I tend to save my new-season shopping trips for Vancouver, Seattle or Edmonton. Hmm, where should I go this year?

Jacket: Urban Planet
Sweater: H&M
Shirt: Joe Fresh
Jeans: Guess
Boots: Modcloth



  1. lisa wrote:

    i feel ya on the weird seasonal gap. its actually men in chicago who start taking weird turns in their wardrobe choices. they think they're so tough, they'll brave 20 degree F temps in March in a tshirt or hoodie JUST TO PROVE THEY CAN. so silly! im hanging on to my vintage furs and boots until the last second!

  2. Kasia wrote:

    I absolutely LOVE this post! The outfit is FANTASTIC!! Leather jackets are very in right now, with that tough-girl edge. Menswear inspired pieces such as your check collared shirt are also right on the mark. AND your sweater reminds me of a new Michael Kors spring piece. So lady, keep dressing for the weather. You know what you're doing. As an aside, they should really make a reality tv show called Kelowna Shore…

  3. jenn wrote:

    love this outfit lanz! and duh. of course you should come to van so WE CAN GO SHOPPING TOGETHER. i'm done exams on april 27th so think about it lady xo

  4. meganDenham wrote:

    your the cutest thing of life basically!

  5. Savannah wrote:

    You have one of my favorite blogs. I just looove your style so much. I vote Seattle :)

  6. Tiffany wrote:

    You should come to FL to do your shopping, it's only a few hours south of Canada right? We don't have Joe Fresh but we do have Target and my city in particular has three Forever 21 stores and if all that fails I could show you our 15 Goodwills. And if none of that sounds impressive… we have Disney World too. Way better than the Seattle Space Needle.

    I bet that you are more comfortable AND more stylish than any of those flip-flopping, booty-baring chicks in Kelowna. Those boots are fabulous (you have the best footwear!) and this outfit is layered to perfection.

  7. Kate Maggie wrote:

    How did I miss out on so many of your amazing posts?! Ah! I have been away from my computer for too long it seems. You look gorgeous in all of these photos. I love those boots! Haha, I laughed about the Kelowna girls because Kamloops girls are the exact same but I am the same as you ;) I love wearing the warmer clothes as long as possible for new things to shine bright in the new season! Hilarious. I totally choose Seattle, Vancouver and Edmonton too. Best shopping ever!! Hope you're well gorgeous. xo

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