stars and stripes up north

I’ve been giving a crack at the mixing patterns trend.  I wasn’t sure about it at first, but its growing on me now. I was also inspired by Alicia’s February challenge to start wearing the items in the back of my closest, so I picked out this dress that has only been worn once in the last 3 years.

The wind was crazy when we took these pictures and I may or may not have flashed some passer byers. Whoops. And I said I didn’t have Britney moments! I was missing my lovely romper that would have spared me from said flashing.

Leather Jacket: Guess (thrifted)
Blazer: Better B via Blonde
Dress: Oxford Circus via Blonde (old)
Booties: Payless


* all photos taken by Rhys Albrecht


  1. Court wrote:

    Love the star dress with striped cartigan! And I bought boots like yours the other day and I love them. But now I need to be as ambitious with my wardrobe as you are…omg

  2. LOVE the look!!! Mixing of patterns with the black foundation, it's perfection. LOVE your booties :)

  3. Kasia wrote:

    I love stripes! Nautical all the way!! And of course mixed patterns… sigh…

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