that one time in athens

This peach scarf reminds me of the first time I traveled to Athens.  My good friend Krista and I had left our hotel to walk to the shopping district which was no more than 5 minutes away. I picked out this peach scarf at H&M,  went to grab my wallet and…it wasn’t there.  I had been pickpocketed in Athens.  Krista and I weren’t even half way into our European holiday and I had been robbed!  At that point Athens became the worst place I’d ever been. Frustrated and upset, I resigned myself to the fact that I would have to be dependent on Krista the rest of my holiday, and sadly said goodbye to 200 euros and the cutest Mat and Nat wallet.

That night we went out to down our sorrows in crepes. While walking back to the hotel, a group of middle aged men eating at a resturant started yelling at me “how’s that crepe taste?!” This seemed like a cheap pick up line, but I decided to indulge them since, really, could my day get any worse?  After a couple of minutes of chatting, I realized they weren’t creeps at all. They were all Australians who traveled back to Greece 20 years after they had traveled as boys.  Great idea, right?

One of them asked me about Athens and if I had enjoyed it. Without hesitating I said “I hate Athens”, and I must have sounded harsh because they looked rather taken aback. After telling the story of how my wallet was stolen, they asked how much was taken. “200 euro” I told them. One of the men grabbed his wallet and started pulling out money saying “if we all put in 20 euro we can replace it.” And before I knew it these generous men were shoving euros into my purse!

Needless to say my night was turned around and my despise for Athen was restored (somewhat).

blouse: Zara
blazer: Talula via Aritzia
lemon yellow skinny jeans: American Eagle
mint green skinny belt: Aldo
lavender handbag: Aldo
peach scarf: H&M
mint green rose bud earrings: Aldo



  1. Kate wrote:

    The colors here are so, so pretty! Love how soft & fresh it is! Gorgeous!

  2. Christabelle wrote:

    Yes, if only they had had a Mat and Nat wallet….right? Cute story!

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