the mother-in-law tweed

Its been six years now since I moved from the town I was born and raised to beautiful British Columbia. Living in B.C has its benefits: warm tempertures, mountains, lakes, and a shopping mall that houses more than Bootlegger and Zellers

The one drawback, however, is living far away from my family who all still reside in Alberta. I feel so fortunate now to say I have a family in Kelowna! Ever since I first started dating Rhys, the Albrecht clan has welcomed me into their family and treat me like a true blooded Albrecht! (even though I still fight to preserve my last name).

My mother-in-law, Nicki, has been of particular kindness to me. We go out for coffee and I can talk to her about almost anything. I was excited when the other week I got a text from Nicki asking for my help on the fashion front! She decided it was time to renovate her wardrobe, and enlisted my help. I immediately went to her house and raided her closet going through items to keep, to store, and to toss. She dug out a box from the basement that had some great vintage finds too, like a purple pleated midi skirt, a fur cropped jacket, and a beautiful pair of grey suede shorts.

Our next to-do (with my list of must-buys for Nicki) was heading out shopping. We found some amazing finds for her, particularly in the BCBG sale section. In one of the stores I eyed an amazing tweed blazer…correction,the exact tweed blazer I’ve been looking for FOREVER! I took my jacket to the till and to my surpise my Mom-law bought it for me!

Best. Shopping. Trip. Ever.

Tweed blazer: Cassis (gifted from mother-in-law!)
Silk blouse: Zara
Boyfriend jeans: Fidelity via Kolu
Oxfords: Steve Madden
Satchel: H&M (gifted)
Skinny leopard belt: Costa Blanca
Gold collar: Winners


*all photos taken by Rhys Albrecht


  1. Kate wrote:

    Aw, so cute! The blazer is gorgeous, such a perfect fall purchase, but I am in LOVVVVE with that blouse! So chic!

  2. Holly wrote:

    that's so sweet of her! you're very lucky girl! I'm so glad i get along with my bf's Mom as well.

  3. Audrey wrote:

    you look fabulous! Such a great look for fall! xo

  4. Sorry, this is me drooling over your blazer!! it's perfect, can't believe your Mother In Law paid for it too. Best. Gift. Ever!!!!!

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