the tuxedo jacket 3 ways

The Tuxedo Jacket: Forever 21 $35

Outfit 1: H&M sequined top, Forever 21 cranberry skinnies, Joe Fresh bow kitten pumps
Outfit 2: Wilfred black silk blouse, Joe Fresh lace skirt, Joe Fresh sequined kitten heels
Outfit 3: H&M gold and black sweetheart cocktail dress, Matt and Nat bag, H&M peep toe bow heels


  1. Darcie wrote:

    Drool….is this THE Dolce and Gabanna tuxedo jacket? If so, I am jealous beyond words. If it is…ahem…an 'inmitation'….GIRL, plese telll where you got it. Mama needs a new jacket.

  2. Darcie wrote:

    Nvm, I see it is Forever 21. Crafty! Online right now searching :)

  3. Melissa wrote:

    Shucks, I posted a couple comments that didn't seem to work. I will re-post them haha. I love love love (an obsessed kind of love) how you styled all 3 looks. The h&m top was style perfectly with this tuxedo jacket and cranberry skinnies. Amazing looks!


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