these old things?

Today I introduce you to my new floor and my old jeans.

I heard carpets were out and flare jeans were in. I’m not sure if I’m in love with these jeans circa 2004, so I will be on the hunt for a more up-to-date darker-washed version. Plus I spilled Yop on these bad boys at work the other day, and I fear they will never be the same.

(Yes, I did slop yogurt-in-a-bottle all over the front of my pants at work. It was delightful for the almost-hour it took to dry.)

Now, can I get your opinion? The newly painted walls behind me: I would call it plain old white, but my mother swears it is “Grey Mist”. Potato, potato.

It certainly is an improvement on what the colors used to be, but my house is pretty bare at the moment. If you have any decorating tips for me let me know! My May goal is getting my condo ready for my man to move in…which means I will be trying to feminize the crap out of it before its too late.

Blazer: H&M
Tank: Forever 21
Jeans: (very old) Citizens of Humanity
Clogs: somewhere in Rome



  1. Savannah wrote:

    your jacket and shoes are amazing!

  2. lisa wrote:

    i LOVE that blazer! im a total sucker for anything with elbow patches. hmmm yeah im thinking that wall is slightly darker than white, since the trim is def brighter white. i like it! my bf had been living in his condo for about a year before i moved in…i brought all the personality, i think. boys dont usually have much in the way of photos to hang, etc – the place was pretty bare and boring before i brought all my crap, haha! cant wait to see what you guys do with the place!!! :)

  3. Courtney wrote:

    Maybe a big bright painting from Leanne!!

  4. Love the colour of the walls, but if you added some decor in pops of colour on top of that cupboard, I think it would make all the difference. Orange? Green? What colours are you into right now?
    I really like the entire concept of your outfit, you always look so perfectly put together Alana xo

  5. Kate wrote:

    The floors look gorgeous! And how cute are those elbow patches?? Love the blazer!

  6. Kasia wrote:

    I love the colour of the walls – definitely not just white. Off-white. I love the blazer, top, and jeans! As for decor, just hunt for what feels right. Don't rush the process. Our place was bare for a while when we first got married. But eventually we filled it with things that felt like the the both of "us" and so people always comment that our place is so "you". Feels good. Memories and filling your home with things that mean something to you, a reflection of who you are, not just stuff will make your house a home.

  7. Kasia wrote:

    Oh yea, and I love the floor!

  8. meganDenham wrote:

    love the blazer i want it! and your place looks sooooo different. and im pumped that flares are coming back.

  9. I love the elbow patches on this blazer, it works perfectly with the floral top. I'm glad that flare jeans are back in as well, now I can dust of my old pairs. Love your outfit and your humor.

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