Try Dye

 The first do-it-yourself project (or DIY, if you will) I remember doing was making the dyed shirts at my 5th birthday party.  The results were quit satisfying, a plain white t-shirt had been transformed into a multicoloured creation, finished off with “Alana’s 5th birthday” splattered on the front. 

Since that party, I have come across many DIY’s that all promised pleasurable results, but since my last attempt at turning a blazer into a vest ended with frayed shoulder sticking out at odd angles, I’ve been a little more hesitant to really do much myself, creating-fashion-wise.

But with this new dip dye and tie dye trend coming in strong I may just have to bust out my DIY cap again but maybe this time I’ll bring supervision.

sweater: Joe Fresh
tie dye skinny jeans: Joe Fresh
pink pumps: Call It Spring
mint green rose earrings: Aldo


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  1. Lisa B wrote:

    YES i want your earrings!!!

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