when i grow up

It’s my birthday today and so I thought that it would be an appropriate time to tell you about my first memory. On my 2nd birthday I was asked, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I can remember having a vision in my mind of a wolf on a mountain howling at the moon (no, I am not joking and yes, I do realize that is strange) but with my limited 2 year old vocabulary when saying “wolf” everyone heard “roof” So to this day I still get teased about wanting to be a roof when I grew up (of course no one believes me that I can remember wanting to say wolf).

I’m glad to say that I did not grow up to be a roof nor the magestic creature, wolf.  I guess I’ll have to settle for a fashion blogger.  And the nickname Wolf.

Shirt: Garage
Dress: Paulnkc via Blonde
Boots: Zara
Bag: Matt and Natt (birthday gift!)
Watch: Fossil
Horse bracelet: gifted



  1. Savannah wrote:

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a wonderful day & year! :)

    I love your story it's priceless!

  2. Janelle wrote:

    Happy Birthday Alana!!!! Love your blog! And have a fantastic run on Sunday…….watch for Breanne, too!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be thinking of you!

  3. fatimah wrote:

    what a fun birthday outfit, love it! hope you had a great day!

  4. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! Can't believe I missed this post, but hope your day was super fun. And love your hair like this…you look great!

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