yellow polka-dotted romper

Katy from Sugar Laws/Keiko from Keiko Lynn/Taylor from Sterling Style

Taylor et moi

This was by far my favorite day at fashion week. I attended amazing shows, hung out in the main tent, had some celebrity sightings, and even got to meet one of my favorite bloggers (and one of the first fashion bloggers I discovered), Taylor from Sterling Style. She was so sweet and nice, just like how she comes across on her blog. I caught her while taking outfit pictures of other fashion bloggers. Ahhhh I felt right at home! Girls after my own heart.

Blazer: Zara
Romper: Vintage
Booties: Steve Madden
Purse: Michael Kors (gifted)



  1. meganD wrote:

    sooooooo jealous!

  2. Savannah wrote:

    Oh my goodness I love your romper! It's so fabulous. This looks like so much fun, I love all the ladies you met!

  3. marissa wrote:

    Cute Romper! I hope you have an upcoming post from the Kelowna museum benefit/vintage show. Your outfit was adorable! The room was really lacking in color and you were one of the lovely exceptions :) I was going to come say hello and introduce myself but I had a bit of an attack of the shy. Perhaps next time :)

  4. alana denham wrote:

    Hey Marissa! You should have came over and said hello! I would have loved to meet you! Yes, I should be posting the pictures soon. The only problem was I forgot to take photos of my outfit! I'll have to get dressed up in it again!

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